Kent Swigard - The Kent Swigard TeamKent Swigard, head of The Kent Swigard Team, utilizes a highly effective mix of acquired skills in his 15-year career as a real estate agent.

Two years of service as a U.S. Navy public affairs officer in Hawaii, coupled with 10 years as a newspaper reporter for The Spokesman-Review in Spokane, taught Kent how to effectively verbally communicate and get along with a broad spectrum of people. He also learned how to convert complex subject matter into simple, thoughtfully crafted writing.

More than a decade of subsequent service as a marketing manager for the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle and the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency fine further enhanced Kent’s ability to persuasively advertise properties and negotiate favorable outcomes.

Three decades of personal experience as a real estate investor, renovator and property manager has empowered Kent to help his clients acquire, schedule and direct assorted contractors to stage, restore and remodel personal homes and investment properties.

Oh yes, Kent also spent three years playing the guitar and singing in lounges. If things ever get stressful, ask him to sing you a soothing tune. He’ll probably decline but might do it anyway if pressed.

Bracha Swigard - The Kent Swigard TeamBracha Swigard, Kent’s assistant and wife for 30 years, is a fully licensed John L. Scott real estate agent. Bracha helps to coordinate all aspects of each transaction, including escrow set up, inspection details and closing. She also provides a wide variety of customer service functions for all of the Team’s clients before, during and after each transaction.

Bracha has a master’s degree in clinical counseling from California State University, Hayward.  Prior to joining Kent’s real estate team, she compiled 17 years of experience doing direct client counseling at group homes, mental health agencies, Jewish Family Service and in private practice. Those who wonder how psychology applies to real estate have not experienced the benefit of Bracha’s input, insight, and involvement in The Kent Swigard Team’s frequent successful real estate negotiations!

David Greene - The Kent Swigard TeamDavid Greene, a mortgage broker for Guild Mortgage Co., fills the essential role of empowering The Kent Swigard Team’s buyers to obtain exceptional mortgage loans at low interest rates under favorable terms. Scores of Kent Swigard clients attest to David’s ability to help them analyze complex financing options and to choose options with payments for which they qualify and, equally important, feel comfortable paying.

Like Kent and Bracha, David Greene has been placing great emphasis for years on building long-term relationships with all of his clients. As is the case with Kent and Bracha, most of David’s clients are sent to him on recommendation from his many highly satisfied past clients.

The Kent Swigard Team takes pride in David’s ability to obtain every loan he seeks on behalf of his clients and to close every one of them on time.

Loreli Tarsiuk - The Kent Swigard TeamFor more than a decade, Loreli Tarsiuk has served The Kent Swigard Team as its transaction coordinator. Loreli is a trained and experienced escrow specialist and also a fully licensed Realtor with John L. Scott. Her primary job is to carefully oversee the development of every contract, ensuring that every clause and condition is addressed and every deadline is met. Loreli’s eye for detail enables our clients to rest assured every component of every transaction is being properly handled with professional care in a timely fashion.

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